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Welcome to Tourism in Karnataka!Welcome to Tourism in Karnataka!
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Another well-known place for its scenic beauty and coffee plantations is none other than Coorg. The hill town has different culture known as the Coorgi culture where people differ from people in other parts of Karnataka. Coorg is also famous for its pork. Like Bengalis love fish, Coorgis love pork. Some of the major attractions here include Madikeri fort, Raja’s seat, and Abbey Falls. All of these are remnants of the past. Another important place in Coorg is Talacauvery where the river Cauvery originates. On the 17th of October every year water splashes up at the fountainhead from a spring. The Rajiv Gandhi National Park here is home to a wide variety of animals like tigers, leopards, elephants, bisons, crocodiles, snakes, and others.


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